Marie Dessuant, design in conversation with landscape

Published on Trendland

Pastel tones and reminiscences of seaside and landscapes are often used as a starting point by the French designer Marie Dessuant.   She’s got a hilarious and ironic way of rethinking the usual pieces of furniture into something unusual, like ‘Watching the ships roll in’, a reinterpretation of the deck chair, or ‘Etagère de coin’, a corner shelf that swings between furniture and micro architecture. Also the bookshelf ‘Y’ and the ‘Drapeaux’ (Flags) suggest elements of a seaside landscape, like the flags and pennants, and the pine trees that alternate pastel beach buildings.

Central in her investigation is certainly the relationship between us, humans, and space, meant as nature, environment. Dessuant has a strong will to create spaces inside spaces, a sort of protected room in which take shelter from the rest of the world, like the projects ‘Soft Fold Cabane’, or the ‘Lighting Portico’, and ‘Bow window’, where you can enjoy a peaceful moment for yourself, staring at the magic world out of the window.

Marie Dessuant design_8

Marie Dessuant design_3

Marie Dessuant design_20

Marie Dessuant design_22

Read the full article on Trendland , JUN 18 2013


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